Customikey's Toys of Wonder


These are either characters out of my own imagination, or figures I had to build from the ground up.  Some, sadly are unfinished, but hopefully will one day be completed!!!!


This strangely beautiful creature as born of a challenge issued to customizers on, i.e., "The Freaks Board", to come up with interesting original characters.  I saw that many of my compatriots were using disparate pieces of clothing and armor and weaponry to create their original works, so I decided to go in a very different direction.  She's got NO clothes, and NO armor!  I wanted to create an interesting character out of pure paint.  The body is a Sideshow Art S. Buck, and the tentacles were taken from a Hot Toys Predator.  Holes were drilled in her head, and the tentacles were inserted and glued.

My concept started with her eyes.  I love painting blue eyes.  They can be so striking in 1:6 scale, but I also wanted to make them somehow otherwordly.  So the whites of her eyes are actually the purples of her eyes! 
For her spotted skin, I had the symbiote character from Star Trek: DS9 in my head, along with Medusa from Clash of the Titans and the aliens from V.   

I decided that, if i was going to do a nude character, I shouldn't wimp out, so I used my dremel to carve out some genetalia.

After some thought, I decided she was a creature of the deep ocean, and I gave her a staff that I felt looked like it could have been made from a lamprey.

After revealing her on the board, she became my signature piece, which I refuse to recreate, and could not conceive of selling.
Just so you know, I didn't name her.


I'm a big musical fan, and I've been jonesing for figures from my first musical ever, but sadly, the market for figures based on Broadway Musicals seems to be squarely in Barbie's court.  That simply won't do.  The Phantom was pieced together from Sideshow's Abraham Lincoln, James Bond, Phantom of the Opera, and Spinal Tap figures.  Yes, Spinal Tap provided the head, which I sculpted the mask and hair over. 

Christine is a CY Girl figure with a custom dress made by the talented Ruth Padgett.

This set was sold to a private collector, but not before I showed them off backstage of PHANTOM!

Baron Vladimir Harkonnen - DUNE (1984)

I love the original DUNE, if for no other reason than that it made me want to read the book.  But truly, the character of Baron Harkonnen has to be one of the most revolting human characters ever put to film.  As such, i found him completely fascinating and had to try my hand at making a 1:6 version of the "floating fat man!"
The best figure I could find with some girth already was a figure of the Nazi criminal Hermann Goering.  Even though he was already portly, I still had to pack on the sculpy to get him to the right size.  I also re-sculpted his hair and mouth to get the right look.  The real fun was in sculpting all those horrible boils and pockets of poison that covered his face.  Painting him up, black fingernails and all, was a real treat. 

Sadly, work on the Baron stopped when I couldn't figure out how to make his flight suit.