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You may have already guessed that I’m a huge Star Wars fan!  When I was very very young, I was in a terrible accident that put me in the hospital for a very long time.  I have a distinct memory of my parents visiting me in my room, one night after surgery, when I was unable to walk and I had IV and blood drips hooked into my arms.  I was so bored and tired and grouchy, so they brought me a big brown paper bag of Star Wars figures from home! 

I was surprised when I opened the bag to see that they had even sneaked in a few new ones!  Among these were the Max Rebo Band and The Emperor.  I was elated!  I tore open the packaging right away and was thrilled by the new and interesting figures.  For some reason, The Emperor became my favorite of all.  It is, on the surface, a rather boring toy of an old, gray man in an old gray robe, looking very worried, with two fat hands and a little black cane.  But for some reason, I really grew attached to this figure.  The Emperor himself would become my absolute favorite Star Wars character.  This was long before I knew he had any other name.  He was just the evil and enigmatic Emperor.

Twenty-six years later, and I know so much more about The Emperor.  The character and history is so much more complex than he was in my youth, but I’ve lost none of that sense of awe for him.  I even still have my little Kenner figure.

I just received notice from Sideshow that their 12” version of Emperor Palpatine is shipping soon.  I must admit, I’m really excited for this figure.  The preview images suggest a well-sculpted and clothed figure, and he even comes with his throne (something I always wished for my stiff-legged little Kenner figure).

I suspect when he arrives I’ll simply have to customize him, but that doesn’t make me less excited.  It makes me even more anxious for him to get here!  It is not often that I will buy toys for myself anymore (a subject for a future blog, perhaps), but I could not let this one pass.  I don’t often write reviews (you’d have to look pretty hard to find the ones I wrote on, but I think I’ll have to for this one!  Then it’s on to the work of making him uniquely…. Mine.

The little gray dude with the stick is the Best Figure Ever!!!

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