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Customikey's Toys of Wonder

A line-up of commissions
A line-up of Commissioned heads
Ever since I tripped over the amazing forums at Sideshow Freaks (, it's been such a pleasure being able to talk at length about this interesting hobby with fellow enthusiasts.  This blog is sort of an extension of that joy.  This blog is also my opportunity to keep a continuing record of what I'm up to, both as an artist and as a collector.   

I suppose, since this is my first post, I should talk about myself a bit.  I was raised upper-middle class in a military family.  We were always doing well, and I never wanted for anything.  As such I was always well-stocked with new and interesting toys to play with.  My childhood can be measured by whatever toyline I was obsessed with at the time, from Star Wars and G.I. Joe to He-Man and Ninja Turtles.

I started customizing my toys at a very young age, popping parts off of Kenner Star Wars figures and re-arranging the limbs on G.I. Joes, adding cloth capes with safety pins attached at the neck.  I was never quite satisfied with the way toys looked out of the package, and always sought to make them just a little bit better.

This tendency really took a turn in my high school days, when I started collecting 12" figures.  It was around this time that I saw the work that Tony DiTerlizzi was doing on  His extraordinary work changed the way I looked at my collection.  I couldn't stop myself from repainting, changing bodies, adding or altering costume pieces, etc.

 It wasn't till after college, when I was married and living in NYC, that I started posting pictures of my work in online forums.  And it wasn't long after that that I began to receive messages from other collectors who "wanted their toys to look like mine!"  After doing some research, I saw that what had started as a simple hobby, could also be a tidy business, at least enough to help offset the collecting habit!

So, I've been painting on commission ever since.  My main job is as an actor (check me out at, but whenever I'm not on the road, I enjoy sitting down to a new project.  These days, I don't collect so much anymore, and my commissions usually go straight to paying for "adult things" like bills and rent.

But every now and then, something will come along that I just can't ignore.  Right now, I'm really enjoying Sideshow's 1:6 scale Star Wars line.  It's a little slice of awesome.  I'll talk more about my own collection, and the work I do for other people, and cool stuff that's caught my eye as we go.  Thanks for reading!

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